Sunday, November 28, 2010


Two hearts meld
Two minds meld
Two souls meld
Nature and man meld
And it’s perfect!

Like a butterfly
That sips the nectar
Of a beautiful flower

Like the waves
That keep breaking
On the seashore

Like the waterfall
That runs down
In the deep abyss

Like the bird
That sings tunes
Pleasant to ears

Like summer
That brings flowers
To beautiful bloom

Like autumn
That makes the trees
Look lifeless

Like spring
That shows the birth
Of a new beginning

Like winter
That hides the beauty
Of the earth


Written for One Single Impression
Prompt: Meld


Sumit Sarkar said...

This is excellent...
It was a great read... :)

Amity said...

Thanks Sumit...:-) You find it a great read!!!!

Ramesh Sood said...

Like Amity
Whose words flow from soul
for all other souls..

Beautiful poem..on 'Meld' Amity.

Harshad mehta said...

Yes Amity, it is perfect!

Amity said...

@ Ramesh,

Thanks so very much Ramesh... :-)

Please don't forget to check on the other guests in my blog...your comments add color to the celebration! Thanks again!

Amity said...


Thanks so much, glad you find it perfect!!!

sandra said...

beauty and love in your words...!!

Nanka said...

That was a beautiful imagery for the prompt meld :)

Love the natural way nature so beautifully blends and merges silently to combine!!

Every stanza comes out with the meaning of the word and the feel :)

Great work Amity!!

Tumblewords: said...

Very nice!

The Write Girl said...

Amity, what a beautiful evokes all the beauty of the natural world.

pieceofpie said...

creation is a perfect balance of all things created... it is good to focus on the beauty of earth and life... herd

KParthasarathi said...

Grace and beauty meld in this poem seamlessly.Well done Amity

Reflections said...

The perfection of nature melding... amazing imagery fill your words.

Amity said...

@ Sandra,

Thanks dear.. :-)

Amity said...

@ Nanka,

Thanks dear...but I was quite hesitant to post it yesterday, seemed I have not written it perfectly,

anyways, that was my best at that time...:-)

Thank you, again for such an encouraging comment!

Amity said...

@ Sue;

Thanks so much... :-)

Amity said...

@ Write Girl;

Thank you dear... :-)))

Amity said...


Thank you, well said, that too!!!

Amity said...

@ KP,

Thank you so much :-)

Amity said...

@ Reflections;

Thank you so much!!!

Shashi said...

Meld is a great theme... infact as I was reading Patanjali's Yoga Sutra (this is the book that gave the world Yoga) where Patanjali says, about yoga as the union of man and the nature... and your first liked itself got me hooked to this meld of your beautiful words and thoughts... thanks for sharing...

(PS: in case you are wondering about Patanjali's yogasutra, you can find that in my featured books at my blog)

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

fiveloaf said...

great effect this one!

Jingle Poetry said...

love the words you use..
beautiful flow.
Thanks for sharing your poetry with potluck.
Happy Monday.

Tweety said...

Wow nature and life at its best...this was a joyfull read amity...lovely...

Amanda Moore said...

I really liked the man earth connection in this with out nature and it's strengths we are nothing we depend on the melding of life every day!

Amity said...

@ Shashi;

Thanks to you...yes, and thanks for sharing that book about yoga, I generally know that yoga is a way of communing with self...:-)now I know through you it is the union of man and nature...

Thanks again for coming by...:-)

Amity said...

@ Fiveloaf,

Thanks once again... :-)

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

You melded this universal truth together quite well ... and it's a most enjoyable to read... Bravo! said...

I am touched by your words, they are truly amazing and lovely =)

Patti said...

beautifully done~ I LOVE the first stanza- the perfect idea of melding... Great use of the prompt! Oh and love the new background too~

Fyodor Lewis said...

Interesting; a smattering of imagery. Thanks for sharing! Good job.

Amity said...

@ AMias,

Big Sis, thank you so much!!!

Love you... :-)))

Tammie Lee said...

So, so lovely.
I like the look of your blog too, gorgeous bamboo.

bijja said...

Excellent expressions!

bijja said...

Excellent expressions!