Friday, November 26, 2010

D for Destiny

I was wrong when I wanted to end Leo's challenge so soon...He insisted "no ending early" coz I have this other blog where I can post the rest of the challenge til the last letter, while I enjoy my anniversary in my other blog buddies, here I am... :-)


You're my destiny
T'was written in the stars
Soul mates forever!


Written for Leo's Z t0 A Challenge in 26 Days for the month of November.

D for Destiny


Nanka said...

Glad that our host dear Leo persuaded you to stay on and i'm sure it was his idea too to revive this blog here as i see a long absence in this part .

Now I'll say you were destined to write your destiny in letters of gold!! :)

Amity said...

Thanks Nanka you are here... :-)

However, I feel bad Leo is not here... :(((

Yes, we are, believe me! *evil smile*... :D