Sunday, October 18, 2009


Crises of heart
Or of the mind
Never allow to defeat you
Quench with resolve
Until you’re peaceful and
Eternal bliss will
Reside in you.

We oftentimes become or end up victims of our own fears, uncertainties and doubts in life. It’s either the heart or the mind that suffers. But life is short and one of the best weapons we can have is to conquer them bravely and with a firm resolve. If we do, then we could live a happy, normal, peaceful and contented life.

Written for One Single Impression prompt

Friday, October 16, 2009














For Amias' Acrostic Only

Thursday, October 15, 2009


People of any race

Always love the place

Rewarding to spend time

In its splendor divine

Such a wonderful space.

For Amias' Acrostic Only

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sweet surrender of life
Unraveling her weakness
Inside her heart
Causing sorrows
In people she left behind
Dying she thought would give
Everlasting peace of mind!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


For God
Almighty in His
Infinite mercy
Takes away sins through
His forgiveness.


Good riddance, I have not seen one. A real frightening one. But in my wildest dreams they seem to chase me no end as if they are real. They want my heart out for them to feast on. And I would cry for help but nobody seems to help.
How much I would like to wake up and free myself from those nightmares. But the more I do the more they run after me until I would be breathless in chasing me no end. I would grope for my crucifix but can’t find anything like it. Then I’d cross my fingers hoping it would do the trick. Tales have it that garlic can help but can’t find a single clove of it.
One late night while travelling with friends from far way, I can’t believe what my big brown eyes have seen. A white lady holding a candle was coming our way. I shouted at the driver while everybody at the back seat cowered for safety, frightened like a child believing they can hide.
So how many stories have been told of white ladies? Who often show in cemeteries, roads and homes? But I also have stories to tell that ghosts visit my dreams and encountered a white lady though she looked like a hoax.
The ghosts we see in dreams are products of folklores and tales of the olds. If you believe in God no ghost really exists.
Such faith would save us from fear!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Vyshu is one of Life is Beutiful*
Equally with her is Priya of Journeying Through Life and
Rane does rain posts in Soul of A Woman
Such lovable friends and great people across the globe.
Amias is just a new friend to me
Till I admired her Acrostic Only
I was so amazed with Leo's works in  Figments of Imagination
Let alone his being a prolific writer
Err I forget Steph of Solitary Writer for his encouragement.

Windel of My Garden of Thoughts has tried but remained a neophyte**
Remarkable and intellectual is Lena's of The Colors Magazine
Inspirational, too is KParthasarathi of Ramdom Thoughts
Thanks to Preetilata of My White Window for my new template***
Even Pramoda of Being Pramodas for always being there for me
Raaji of Writing for Life just made a comment and I love it
Surely some more will add up to my list in the days ahead.****
Sorry for making an addendum to my acrostic. Just a few footnotes for my friends:
* I just missed her. Thanks Leo and Prams for letting me know of her predicament.
** Sorry to say you're a neophyte.
*** She made this very beautiful template of mine without even asking her. I love you Pree! But like Vyshu, I haven't heard from you for quite a time now. 
**** I will make a separate poem for them very soon.

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Monday, October 5, 2009


Beast of the body
Reminds me
Each time of
A cousin who
That painful fate

Creating an
Alarm in myself and
Never even
Cease to leave me the fear
Each time I am
Reminded of the beast!


Sweet surrender of life
Unraveling her weakness
Inside her heart
Causing sorrows 
In people she left behind
Dying she thought would give
Everlasting peace of mind!

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Feathery soft fingers and toes
Reddish skin all over
And a beautiful face
Giggling amiably
In her mother's lap
Looking lovable and
Endearingly cuddly.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Pen does its tasks
Of scribbling carefully
Each ideas and
Thoughts of the
Solitary writer.

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